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Tape This!
News and Events

What's new and upcoming? Look below to find out!

Want to represent Tape This!?

Do you have duct tape fashion that you'd like to share with us? Send it to us! We'll post it on our page!

Have you ordered something from us and want to model it for us? Let us know, and we'll feature YOU in your duct tape wear on this page!
Have you seen our corsages?  Are you in the market for one for that special person?  Let us know!  We've got them in all sizes and colors!  Look for them on our upcoming gallery page!

Special features:

We support the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, a portion of every sale is sent to them to help find a cure. Visit them at to see how you too can help.

New from us!

Okay!  Okay!! We here at Tape This! can take a hint.  By popular demand, we are starting a gallery page!  It should be up and running by June 2002 (it's May now, give us some time).  If you or someone you know has ordered from us, PLEASE contact us and give us permission to use the designs we created for you!  W do give that freedom to our customers.  Cross your fingers, the more permission we get, the more we can release!  Oh, yeah, and we will be coming up with a wonderully clever way to fairly accurately guess at how much you would be looking at an item costing you.  Come back soon, we're changing a lot around here!