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Tape This!
About Us

Just for you, here's some information about Tape This!, including our roots, our business philosophies, and more!

How we work:

We strive to make our customers happy. To do this, we quality check everything before it's sent-- and if you don't like it or it doesn't fit *just* right, send it back, we'll gladly fix it (for free) or refund your money.

How we started:

Why duct tape? Who thought of it? How did this all start?

As fashion turns more radical and more about making a statement, people look for ways to make their clothing stand out. So why not duct tape?

Our founder, Kathleen McFarlin, started this all on a personal interest. While walking through a store, she found a pleated skirt and decided it would look good in duct tape. So she created one. Then she started creating things for other people. Let her creativity reach you.

Our Founder:

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